Emil Adamec Emil AdamecMoon Mirror 32
Nationality : Czech
Exhibitions (Partial) : 2008 "Hong Kong," Tin Shui Wai, Kenswood Court, Hong Kong.2008 Hong Kong International Sculpture Exhibition. 2007 International Sculpture Exhibition, Samara, Russia. 2007 International Sculpture Exhibition, Morges, Switzerland. 2006 "Monuments 2006 " Lassian Gallery, Sedliste, Czech Republic.2005 "Eight Immortals," Chapel Gallery, Bruntál, Czech Republic.
Awards (Partial) : 2005 1st Prize, Sculpture Key West, U.S.A. 2003 2nd Prize, Israel Galilee International Sculpture Symposium.
Work Name : Moon Mirror 32
Work Information : ″Moon Mirror 32″ is a part of global sculpture project ″Acupuncture of Earth″ and particularly composition called ″32 Moon Mirrors In China″ as is described in the maps.
Each point has direct relation with opposite composition ″Sun Mirrors″ in opposite part of globe. ″Moon Mirror 32″ symbolizes ″cross border dialogue″ with other already existed points.