Yves Banchelin Yves BanchelinMoon Mirror 32
Nationality : France
Exhibitions (Partial) : 2008 Collective exhibition, Gallery Chuan, Taipei, Taiwan. 2005 Solo exhibition invited by the Juming Museum, Taipei, Taiwan. 1999 Biennale of Contemporary Art of Saint-Leonard-Noblat, France. 1995 Exhibition in Anna Frank Gallery, Germany.1995 Exhibition in the Sofitel Hotel, Paris, France. 1994 Exhibition in Art Multiple Messe Dusseldorf, Germany.
Awards (Partial) : 1990-1991 3rd Prize in the "International Symposium for Sculpture" in Dignes, France.
Work Name : Captured silence
Work Information : This sculpture wants to symbolize the union between any human creation and the nature of time. For that, I oppose in this sculpture of the straight lines, of verticals, of the parallelepipeds which symbolize constructions of human, with organic forms which symbolize nature and time.