Nando Alvarez Nando Alvarez
My sculpture here is an abstract work where I try to reflect the movement and the lightness of the wind. I like everyone to feel free to find his own interpretation of my work, and I invite the people to do it without care too much about what I can think... but for sure that I also have my own interpretation.
Bridge of Winds
Nationality : Spain
Exhibitions (Partial) : 2009 Exhibition of XVI Contest of Sculpture, Gallery Burela, Lugo, Spain. 2007  V Stone Sculpture Biennale, Tulle, France. 2005 ″Art Solidary,″ Gallery Chroma, Vigo, Spain. 2005 ″Nando Álvarez, Sculpture,″ Eliseo Alonso Cultural Association, Goián,
Awards (Partial) : 2006 1st Prize, the first Competition of Urban Sculpture, Murchante, Navarra, Spain. 2004 2nd Prize, XIII International Meeting of Sculpture, Rosario, Argentine. 1998 2nd Prize, IV Contest of Plastic Art, Lugo City, Spain. 1992 1st Prize, VI Galician Youth Contest of Plastic Art, A Coruña, Spain.
Work Name : Bridge of Winds
Work Information : In my home town, I live in the border between two countries, a river separates it but our towns are communicated by a bridge. My work is formed by a horizontal composition supported in two points that are also communicated by a bridge, a "Bridge of Winds," to me is a symbol of the friendship between the towns and the countries, without any border. The wind is going and coming between the towns and the cities without care about the ridiculous lines and different colors that we draw in the maps.