Liliya Pobornikov Liliya PobornikovNature
Nationality : Bulgaria
Exhibitions (Partial) : 2010 small sculpture exhibition, Beijing, China. 2010 sculpture exhibition, Murchante, Navarra, Spain. 2010 sculpture exhibition, Gallery 'Woods', Guatemala city, Guatemala. 2010 sculpture exhibition, Gallery 'UBA', Sofia, Bulgaria. 2009 sculpture exhibition, Albolote, Spain. 2005 "Sculpture by the Sea," Cottesloe, Australia.
Awards (Partial) : 2002 2nd Prize, National Competition of "Iconostasis for church St. Ioan Ohridski, Sofia," Bulgaria. 2002 2nd Prize, MTEL Design Competition, Bulgaria. 2000 1st Prize, Art Y-tong Competition, Bulgaria.
Work Name : Nature
Work Information : "Nature," my project inspired by the beauty of the nature, is the dialog and conversation between the people and nature, understanding and appreciation of the difference between us. Soft natural shapes combined with strict geometry lines are reflection of this dialog and crossroads between – meeting points of the cultures.