Fernando Pinto Fernando Pinto
The sculpture will mark one of this places I will find and there the people who enter "The Gate" and sit on the rock will be able to get in touch with this energies. "The Gate," is a work meant to be a place for meditation, for reflection. Like a gate is used to pass from one place to another, my work will be used for people to pass from one state of mind to another, representing also that humanity is changing its conscience towards nature. It is a place to connect to the earth and the universal spirit which we all are a small part of.
The Gate,
Nationality : Columbia
Exhibitions (Partial) : 2010 2nd Biennale of Sculpture of Guadalajara, Mexico. 
Ube Sculpture Biennale, Ube museum, Japan.
2009 "Arms II", Bogotá, Colombia.
Gallery Dialogue, Nîmes, France.
2006 "Arms", Gallery Contrast, Barcelona, Spain.2005 "RITE", Gallery U_tupí, Barcelona, Spain.
Awards (Partial) : 2010 2nd Prize, Biennale of Sculpture Guadalajara, Guadalajara, Mexico. 2007 1st Prize, Nantopietra, Nanto, Vicenza, Italy.
Work Name : The Gate,
Work Information : A gate symbolizes the passage from one place to another. Also the gate has represented femininity as obelisks have symbolized masculinity throughout human history, so my work symbolizes the earth. This sculpture is entirely designed with sacred geometry proportions (a composition method used Egyptians, gothic cathedrals, and renaissance amongst others) all of it elements relate to each other in perfect proportion and natural elements proportions. Its square form is the symbol of the earth, four is the number of the earth; and this sculpture will be a place to get in contact with earth's positive energies .
In all spaces (indoor or outdoor) there are special places where the earth emanates more proper energies to meditate or simply think and relax and elevate our conscience level, this places can be found using radiesthesia.