Ming-chung Huang Ming-chung HuangStray to be aware.
Nationality : Taiwan
Exhibitions (Partial) : 2010 ″Vivid Spirits of Taiwanese: Wood Sculpture Exhibition,″ Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museum, Miaoli, Taiwan. 2010 ″Be A Guest,″ Yang Shih-fang Memorial Garden, Yilan, Taiwan. 2010 Solo Exhibition, Arthis Fine Art, Taichung. 2010 ″Shout Taiwan: New Style of Modern Arts in the middle of Taiwan, ″Stock 20 in Taichung Railway Station.
Awards (Partial) : 2010 Merit Prize in Sculpture, 2010 Kaohsiung Award, Taiwan 2009 3rd Prize, 21st Taipei County Fine Arts Exhibition, Taiwan 2009 2nd Prize, 14th Da Dun Fine Arts Exhibition, Taichung, Taiwan2008 2nd Prize, Taiwan International Wood Sculpture Competition
Work Name : Stray to be aware.
Work Information : A stray wouldn't know where to go. An insight feels free like in the sky and finds well his direction. There are variations in facial expression between a stray and an insight.