Wen-ching Tsai Wen-ching TsaiGrowth of within B and Q.
Nationality : Taiwan
Exhibitions (Partial) : 2010 International Art Biennial: Blessing, Fortune & Longevity, Fusing Barn in Lu Kang, Changhua, Taiwan. 2007 International Exhibition of Asian Contemporary Sculptors Association, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Japan. 2004 Asian Modern Sculpture Exhibition, Contemporary Art Museum in Hongik University, South Korea. 2004 ″Made in Taiwan, Made of Culture″ Installation Art Exhibition, Kaidagelan Blvd. / Huashan 1914  Creative Park, Taipei, Taiwan.
Awards (Partial) : 2010 1st Prize, ″Construction of Dalongdon Temporary Housings″ public art project by Urban Redevelopment Office of Taipei City. 2010 1st Prize, public art project by Luzhou Elementary School in New Taipei City. 2007 1st Prize, public art project by Training Center of National Fire Agency, Minister of the Interior. 1998 Hualien Artists Heritage Award.
Work Name : Growth of within B and Q.
Work Information : In the midst of dust mixed with sweat, heat, gusts and drizzles, I endeavor to face my creation of art sincerely. The letter B and Q stand on the top of hard rocks, with giant roots winding and meandering on both sides. Free to develop and finally grow into new leaves, green and upright which symbolize the infinite potential of future and the unlimited development inherence within BenQ enterprises.