Shan-chi Teng Shan-chi
The tension and the intensity of the fabric form two strong tension forces, as telling the endless pulling and twisting of worldly matters as well as temptation and confusion. A square cube is used to convey a clean and pure mind, presenting the nature of steadiness and tranquility.
Turn the tide.
Nationality : Taiwan
Exhibitions (Partial) : 2009 Solo exhibition in the Hakka Cultural Hall, Yu-li Township, Hualien, Taiwan. 2007 Collective exhibition, Sculpture Biennale in the Ciaotou Sugar Refinery, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, 2006 Collective exhibition, Ji Lin Gallery, Taipei. Taiwan2006 "Legendary Couple," Exhibition of Teng, Shan-chi & Lee, Zih-ching, Cultural Affairs Bureau of Hualien County, Taiwan.
Awards (Partial) : 2008 1st Prize, Public Art Competition hosted by Hsinchu County Archive of Cultural Affairs Bureau, Taiwan 2007 1st Prize, competition of creative bus stops in Hualien City, Taiwan. 2003 1st Prize, Trophy Design Competition of National High School Games, Taiwan. 2003 1st Prize, Public Art Competition hosted by Ji-an Country, Hualien, Taiwan.
Work Name : Turn the tide.
Work Information : Magnetic field induces the motion among particles, loading with expending velocity and speed, presenting unlimited tension and kinetic energy, producing the power and vigor of space, and initiating the driving force that moves men forward. The two sides are bent and the volume of the curves forms a relative space.