Georgi Minchev Hiroyuki Asakawa
Nationality : Bulgaria
Material : Dark Marble
Spec. (cm) : 230 x 110 x 110 cm
Work Name : Fragment of Something Bigger No.9
Work Information :
The project is traditionally exhibited sculpture. It contains its physical and spatial characteristics expressed through specific proportions and principles of morphology . To a large extent , the design is based on the juxtaposition of opposing , contrasting principles and approaches to the expression of form and aesthetic ideas contained in it. As a formula defining the vision of the project is put the relationship between simple geometric shapes - cube and sphere These simple geometric shapes are modified and placed in coexistence through proportions and distinctive sculptures in this project. Oval outlines the external dimensions and the silhouette of the sculpture. It is positively built and developed from the inside out . She seemed evenly inflated by the power comes from the core of sculpture. Project is part of a series works with a common concept made in the last two years.
Reflection stone phone  2012 BenQ