Gonzalez Xavier Hiroyuki Asakawa
Nationality : Spain
Material : White Marble
Spec. (cm) : 350 x 150 x 75 cm
Work Name : "Wu Xing" The Five Elements
Work Information :
This sculpture is in close relationship with the six climate energies. These energies are the expression of the dynamic transformation of Yin and Yang. This sculpture will be implanted in a strategic point, a meridian of the Earth. This point allows influencing the course of energies. On my way to work the stone (the wuxingxue), I'm in a process to categorize metaphorically forms and phenomena of the natural world. Subjective interpretations of elements I can do it once there and looking at the stone. The ideal for me is to choose a block of stone in a quarry and to find the five phases (wuxingxue) and thus establish the chain of correspondence between nature and man.
Reflection stone phone  2012 BenQ