Damjan Komel

Damjan Komel
Nationality : Slovenia
Material : White. Dark Marble
Spec. (cm) : 285 ╳ 145 ╳ 110 cm
Work Name : Time Capsule
Work Information :
“Time Capsule” - from the series “The Seed of Light” Seeds are time capsules, vessels travelling through time and space. In the right place at the right time every seed gives rise to a new life. My sculpture represents our inner seed which have a function to make us feel of flying (feeling when you reach the desired lifetime goal). The seed structure is feeding the space with abundance of cosmic energy because this are the seeds in a wish of purity, truth, honesty, love, peace and wisdom. The only values we need to cultivate for preserving our future "Beauty will save the world" (Dostoyevsky).
Time Capsule