Georgi Minchev Georgi Minchev
Nationality : Bulgaria
Material : Marble
Spec. (cm) : 180 ╳ 80 ╳ 180 cm
Work Name : Fragmen of Something Bigger – Oval 2
Work Information :
Based on their previous visual and emotional experiences, people accumulate a set of knowledge they use in their everyday life without thinking. They use knowledge - "by default". When we look at simple geometric shapes such as a cube or a sphere, for example, for us, only one perspective is sufficient to decide which shows a geometric form. In such cases, we do not need to go around and look at the object on the other side because immediately in our mind comes the idea of a cube or a sphere. This property of human perception unlocks our ability to build in our minds. For this type of construction we do not need any special preparation. This build becomes mechanical, "by default". Because of this quality in human perceptions, spatial forms are easily identified and become communicative. Likewise, traditions are passed on from generation to generation. New knowledge or discoveries are based on old ones. This principle is at the core of Creation. The design in this project, called "Fragment of Something Bigger - Intersections" is based on this specificity in human perceptions. In this project are presented the relations of two contrasting geometric forms - sphere and cube. Inside the shape, the multiple angles walls and edges create a sense of architecture and strategic planning. The outer part of the common form is rounded, it resembles an egg, at the same time it symbolizes the complex, magical, divine human beginning.
Fragmen of Something Bigger – Oval 2